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Music communicating the messages of place, culture, and time - with music by Naima Fine, Jim Denley, and Liza Lim!

When we think of music connecting us to cultures outside our own, it can sometimes be easy to stop at the obvious: taking on board the aesthetics of this or that musical cultural tradition and thinkin

Feedback and The Larsen Effect: making art out of what wasn't meant to be

On The Sound Barrier, I often quote from John Cage's famous 1937 Credo where he proclaims a fascination in the sounds that are often dismissed as noise – the sound of a truck, static

The duration of the timeless: music of William Basinski and Eliane Radigue on The Sound Barrier!

After the two big and hectic weeks of 2018 PBS Radio Festival, I decided to change pace for t

PBS and The Sound Barrier say thank you for contributing to the Festival Feast!

The latest edition of The Sound Barrier marked the last two hours of the 2018 PBS Radio Festival and, even though those two wild

Connected across the atlas of the sky - Liza Lim and Eugene Ughetti on The Sound Barrier!

When you bring together two creative forces like composer Liza Lim and percussion ensemble <

Colic triangulation - Rashad Becker on The Sound Barrier!

Music, says Rashad Becker, is about three things: the intent, or ideas, that lead to it being created; the processes and techniques by which that is done; and the final artefact that we hear.

The synthetic mind meld of 1971. Electronic music comes to Melbourne then and now.

Melbourne is in the very privileged position of having in its midst for the next few months an extraordinary exhibition and series of events that spotlight one of the most exciting and adventurous tim

The Sound Barrier showcases Metropolis 2018: and listens.

The latest edition of The Sound Barrier focused (for the most part) on two concerts featuring in this year's

The Sound Barrier ... being six

The Sound Barrier first hit the airwaves exactly six years ago: well, almost.

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