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Ian Parsons's blog

Car crashes and universes - what can they tell us?

Questions about who we are and why we're here confront all of us at some time or another.

Back from the beyond - and into it as well!

With jet-lag and the time pressures that always seem to come upon us when we return from overseas travel conspiring against me, this is a bit of a late and slightly rushed blog, following the

Music: memories redfined; life re-emerged

As this weekend's edition of The Sound Barrier goes to air in the last hours of the 100th anniversary of the end of World Wa

Poland liberated - 100 for 100 with ELISION Ensemble

November 11 this year will not just mark the end of the First World War, but it is a day that is imbued with another layer of significance for Poland: marking its liberation after over a century of co

The privilege of it being okay to be white

When the Australian Senate claimed to have inadvertently voted in support of a motion using white supremacist language a few weeks ago, most of us were a little shocked.

Music reigniting the light of women who lived in the shadows: the stories of Marion Davies and Simone Weil.

We now know, much more than we used to, that the stories and histories of women have often been achieved in usual ways, from within shadows of oppression – be it through the ways their lives were live

The connecting, changing power of sound

'Whenever we hear sounds we are changed,' Karlheinz Stockhausen has famously said.

Music in excess - the sound of saturation

It was Sydney composer Alex Pozniak who first, and only recently, introduced me to a bunch of French composers who have been called 'saturationists'.

Instruments - a tribute to those who imagine them, build them, and play them.

It is easy, when we listen to music, to take musical instruments for granted.

Stockhausen's INORI - and the many ways to adore it

Emmanuelle Grach, Jamil Attar, Winue Huang, and Diego Vasquez rehearse INORI

INORI: Emmanuelle Grach (top), Jamil Attar, Winnie Huang (middle), and Diego Vasquez (front) rehearse INORI in KürtenINORI: Emmanuelle Grach (top), Jamil Attar, Winnie Huang (middle), and Diego Vasquez (front) rehearse INORI in Kürten

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