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Become an Announcer


PBS106.7FM is a community radio station devoted to playing specialist and under-represented music, so if it’s your dream to be an announcer, consider undertaking the introductory announcer course.

Topics covered include:

1. PBS106.7FM
2. Introduction to Radio/Writing for Radio
3. Radio Voice/Presentation
4. Interviewing/Broadcast Law
5. Planning a Program/Technical Skills
6. Programming on PBS106.7FM/Using the studio
7. Prepare you for making a demo

*Please note that computers are used in the studio. We are unable to provide an introduction on how to use a computer, but we can show students how to use the software in studio in order to create a demo.

It is expected that students book studio time during PBS106.7FM office hours (Monday to Friday 10am-6pm) to master their new skills.

We are offering placements for the following dates in 2018 from 6:30pm-8:30pm:

MONDAYS IN OCTOBER 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Full Fee $330
PBS106.7FM Member $300
Concession $220
PBS106.7FM Member (concession) $200

Want to do the course?
1. Complete the announcer form found on this page, and send it to
2. Your application will be assessed by PBS106.7FM
3. Once approved, your payment has been processed and you’ll receive a confirmation email to advise that you are confirmed in the class

Further enquiries? Email

PBS Program Submission 2015.pdf344.36 KB
Announcer Course Application 2018.pdf297.72 KB

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