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Electric Sunset: Saturday, 7 October 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

The Last Welfare Record “Walkin & Stalkin”
Dub Pistols “Problem Is”
King Kooba “You’re So Fine”
King Kooba “Nufoundfunk”
King Kooba “Interlude Epilogue”
King Kooba “Blue Mosque”
Atjazz “Interlude”
Atjazz “Heavy Weather”
Atjazz “Kidnapped”
Boozoo Bajou “Killer”
Tubbs “Make The Lady Say”
Kid Koala “Strat hear”
Kid Koala “Radio Nufonia”
Kid Koala “Annie’s Parlour”
Romare “Work Song”
Seven Davis Jnr “Sunday Morning”
Mr Scruff “Shelf Wobbler”
Mr Scruff “We Are Coming”
Mr Scruff “UG”
DJ Food “Centre Of The Earth”
Juzel “Paralyzed”
Aleksi Perala “Psychic Probe”
Tim Smith “Galactic Passing”
An On Bast “Grateful”

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