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Boss Action: Sunday, 29 April 2012

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Bro Samuel Cheatam - Troubles of the world - One Way
Count Rockin Sidney - Bury the hatchet - Bold
Prince Gino - Brand new man with a master plan - Aladdin
Donald Byrd - (fallin' like) Dominoes - Blue Note
Osaka Monaurail feat Shirley Davis - No trouble on the mountain - Unique
Soul Controllers - Right on right on - Cat

Stage IV - Our world - Millie
The Mystics - I really love you - Teako
Soul Patrol - Need of love - Highland
The Third Guitar - Lovin lies - Rojac

Juck Roche Set

Charles Sheffield - Excello
Betty O'Brien - She'll be gone - Liberty
Helen Troy - I think I love you - Kapp
Bud Harper - Wherever you were - Peacock
Sherri Taylor - He's the one that rings my bell - Gloreco
Danny Woods - You had me fooled - Correctone

Miss LaVell - Stolen love - Duke
Little Gi Gi - I volunteer - Decca
Lucille Mathis - I'm not your regular woman - Abet
Jimmy "preacher" Ellie - I'm gonna do it myself - Jewel
Peppermint Harris - Wait till it happens to you - Jewel
The 5 Royales - Catch that teardrop - ABC Pararmont

Wade Flemons - Janette - Ramsel
Charles Lamont - I've got to keep moving - Challenge
Willie Kendrick - Change you ways - RCA Victor
The Peoples Choice - Savin' my lovin - Palmer
Tony Middleton - Paris blues - Mala

The Sparkels - Try love (one more time) Old Town
The Inverts - Time will change - Broadway
Freddie Houston= If I had known - Old Town
Betty Lloyd - I'm catching on - BSC
Don Gardner - Is this really love - Cedric
Betty Lloyd - You say things you don't mean - BSC

Miss Goldie Set

The Vanguards - The ground that you're walking on (is mighty shakey) - Indie
Emanuel Lasky - A letter from Vietnam - Westbound
Roy C - Open letter to the President -Alaga
Phyllis Smith - I need somebody to love - Yew

Pearl Dowell - It's all over - Saadia

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