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Babylon Burning: Saturday, 9 September 2017

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Paying respects to the late Wailers band keyboardist and Jamaican music legend Earl Lindo. Plus the Nana-Gel riddim from Mango Tree Entertainment, the Kush Revolution riddim from Blazin Fyah, and the Artform riddim from One Wise.

BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Rastaman Chant (Talkin' Blues: island)
PETER TOSH - Black Dignity (Joe Gibbs)
JOE HIGGS - Got To Make A Way (Life Of Contradiction: Micron)
THE HEPTONES - Hypocrite (Joe Gibbs)
THE NOW GENERATION - The Road Is Rough (Joe Gibbs)
BOB ANDY & THE METERS - Games People Play (FRM)
PETER TOSH & THE WAILERS - You Can't Blame The Youths (Talkin Blues: Island)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Am A Do (Talkin Blues: Island)
THE WAILERS - Burnin and Lootin (Burnin: Island)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Road Block) (Babylon By Bus: Island)
BUNNY WAILER - Wanted Children (Protest: Island)
THE ABYSSINIANS - There Is No End (Clinch)
BURNING SPEAR - Hail HIM (Hail HIM: Burning Spear)
BURNING SPEAR - Foggy (Living Dub vol 2: Heartbeat)
ISRAEL VIBRATION - We A De Rasta (Unconquered People: Tuff Gong)
THE MEDITATIONS - Get Left (Wake Up: Third World)
CULTURE - Natty Never Get Weary (Cumbolo: Virgin/High Note)
ALPHA BLONDY - Cocody Rock (Cocody Rock: Pathe)
BURNING SPEAR - Telegram Dub (Living Dub vol 2: Heartbeat)
FANTAN MOJAH - No Way (Nana-Gel riddim: Mango Tree Entertainment)
DEVA BRATT - Jah Jah (Nana-Gel riddim: Mango Tree Entertainment)
CAPLETON - Energy (Nana-Gel riddim: Mango Tree Entertainment)
ROCKAZ ELEMENT - Righteous Way (Nana-Gel riddim: Mango Tree Entertainment)
HARRY CHAPMAN - Black Race (Nana-Gel riddim: Mango Tree Entertainment)
SPRING WATA - Modern Day Slavery (Nana-Gel riddim: Mango Tree Entertainment)
VIJAHN - Mash Down Rome (Nana-Gel riddim: Mango Tree Entertainment)
LUTAN FYAH - Knife In My Back (Nana-Gel riddim: Mango Tree Entertainment)
NORRIS MAN - Changes (Kush Revolution riddim: Blazin Fyah)
LUTAN FYAH - Can't Done (Kush Revolution riddim: Blazin Fyah)
I OCTANE - Weed Freedom (Artform riddim: One Wise)
JAHDAN BLAKKAMOORE & WINSTRONG - Run A Verse (Artform riddim: One Wise)
BUSHMAN - Fire Pon A Deadas (Higher Ground: Jammys)
BUSHMAN - Worries and Problems (Total Commitment: Jammys)
JUDY MOWATT - Zion Chant (Black Woman: Island)

Babylon Burning for Saturday, 9 September 2017

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