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Babylon Burning: Saturday, 26 October 2013

Playlist: double trouble

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Featuring the Double Trouble riddim from Computer Paul, the Kuff Again riddim from Tiger Shark, and the Colonial War riddim from Rastar...

MARTIN CAMPBELL - Babylon Is Falling (Rootsman)
KEITH HUDSON - Smoke Without Fire (Rebind)
KEITH HUDSON - Old Broom (Rebind)
HORACE ANDY - New Broom (Studio One)
HORACE ANDY - Zion Gate (Justice)
LEROY SMART - No Love (Justice)
LEROY SMART - Mr Rich Man (Jackpot)
BARRY BROWN - Mr Money Man (Wanted 45)
CULTURAL ROOTS - Mr Liar Man (Revolutionary Sounds)
ERROL DUNKLEY - Give If You Can Give (Sit and Cry Over You: Third World)
PRINCE ALLA - Only Love Can Conquer (Only Love Can Conquer: Blood and Fire)
JAH WOOSH - Marcus Say (Original Music)
STEEL PULSE - Handsworth Revolution (Handsworth Revolution: Island) --request
KATCHAFIRE - Seriously (The Best So Far: Lion House Music)
RAS JAHKNOW - Can't Change Jah Jah Man (Ras Jahknow)
DEEP FRIED DUB - Transient Transmissions (Slow Cooked: Deep Fried Dub)
CALI P - Tomorrow (Hemp Higher)
MICAH SHEMAIAH, INFINITE, SELAH, CHRONIXX - Ganja Farmer (Zinc Fence & Jah Ova Evil)
LUTAN FYAH - Leave The Herb (Life Of A King: Grillaras)
ALBOROSIE & KYMANI MARLEY - Zion Train (Sound The System: Greensleeves)
PERFECT - Over The Top (Over The Top: House of Riddim & VP)
NATTY KING - Colonial War (Colonial War riddim: Rastar)
DONIKI - Gaza Strip (Colonial War riddim: Rastar)
MORGAN HERITAGE - Tired of the Injustice (Colonial War riddim: Rastar)
RICHIE SPICE - Rumours (Colonial War riddim: Rastar)
DETERMINE - Watch The Friends You Keep (Colonial War riddim: Rastar)
NORRISMAN - Black Heart Man (Colonial War riddim: Rastar)
LUTAN FYAH - Poor Man Privilege (Colonial War riddim: Rastar)
WARRIOR KING - Redemption Come (Colonial War riddim: Rastar)
BERES HAMMOND - Focusing Time (321 Strong)
BERES HAMMOND - Doctor's Orders (Leggo)
BERES HAMMOND - Double Trouble (Steely & Cleevie)
LUKIE D - Real Double Trouble (Double Trouble riddim: Boot Camp)
JUNIOR X - Bunnaz (Double Trouble riddim: Boot Camp)
HEZRON - Maximum Speed (Double Trouble riddim: Boot Camp)
DANGEROUS - Mad A Street (Double Trouble riddim: Boot Camp)
CULTURE T & BOBBY CRYSTAL - Notice Board pt 2 (Double Trouble riddim: Boot Camp)
I OCTANE - Fi Di Nation (Kuff Again riddim: Tiger Shark Records)
AIDONIA - Ghetto Youth (Kuff Again riddim: Tiger Shark Records)
NINJAMAN - Lock Dem Off (Kuff Again riddim: Tiger Shark Records)
SHELLY THUNDER - Sound Fi Get Kuff (Kuff Again riddim: Tiger Shark Records)
TARANCHYLA - Nowadays Clash (Kuff Again riddim: Tiger Shark Records)