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Fiesta Jazz: Saturday, 7 October 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Dom Salvador Sextet|Meu Fraco É Café Forte (Strong Coffee Is My Weakness)|The Art of Samba
Jazz|Salmarsi Music

Mauricio Zottarelli|Samba Pra Mi|Upside Down Looking Up|MZ Drums

Mauricio Zottarelli|No Standing Zone|7 Lives|Independent

Mozzik|Web's Samba|Mozik|Independent

Bob Ferrel|Alter Ego|Bob Ferrel's Jazztopian Dream|BFM Productions

Dick Brewer|She's Dancing|It's All About Latin|Independent

Hilario Duran|Contumbao|Contumbao|Alma Records

Hilario Duran & Perspectiva|Perspectiva |Encuentro En La Habana|ALMA Records

Hilario Duran|Paq Man|From The Heart|Alma Records

Hilario Duran|Lada 78|Habana Nocturna|Alma Records

Steve Hobbs|Let's Go To Abaco!|Tribute To Bobby|Challenge Records

Meddy Gerville|Aerofeel|Tropical Rain|Dot Time Record

Alex Diaz|Dominicanita|Merengue Organico|Independent

Alex Diaz|El Comandante|Beyond 145th Street|Independent

Alex Diaz Y Son De La Calle|Cherokee|Alex Diaz Y Son De La Calle|Independent

Alex Diaz|Firm Roots|Number Seven|Independent

Alex Diaz Y Son De La Calle|Tequila Y Avila A|BlackJazz:Afro-Antillano|Independent

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