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Fiesta Jazz: Saturday, 26 August 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Hamlet & His Latin Jazz Experience|Ron Y Gin|Descarumbiando|Independent

Juan Andrés Ospina|Al Chicamocha|BBB|Independent

Puerto Candelaria|La Vaca Loca|Puerto Candelaria|Independent

Samuel Torres Group|Las Canta'oras (The Female Singers)|Forced Displacement|ZOHO

Samuel Torres|Ajiaco (Colombian Potato Soup)|Skin Tones|One Soul

Samuel Torres|Camino del Barrio|Yaoundé|Independent

Ricardo Gallo|Esto Es Un Paseo|Urdimbres Y Marañas|Bluegallo

Latin Sampling|Nam Session|Secrets|Alla

Sebastián Cruz And Cheap Landscape Trio|Caranga|Sebastián Cruz And Cheap Landscape

Juan Carlos Quintero|La Cumbia Y La Luna|Los Musicos|Moondo Records

Juan Carlos Quintero|Los Primos|Los Primos|Moondo Records

Marta Gómez|El Hormigueo|Cantos De Agua Dulce|Chesky Records

Marta Gómez|Negrito|Entre Cada Palabra|Chesky Records

Roberto Pla|Colombianisimo No. 3|Right on Time!|TUMI

La Cumbiamba eNeYé|Manuelito Barrios|Marioneta|Chonta

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