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Burning Bitumen: Saturday, 9 September 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Tetragrammacide | Intra-Dimensional Vessel of Were-Robotics, N-Logics and Assorted Lattice Intelligences | Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix

Midnight | I Don't Need Society | Midnight contributes an exclusive cover of D.R.I.'s "I Don't Need Society" for a hurricane relief benefit
Neckgrip | You Are Disposable | Choke
King Parrot | Die Before You Die | Ugly Produce

Misfits | Horror Business
Grave | And Here I Die (satisfied) | Exhumed
Movie I-Here Alone(2017)
Satan | Alone in the Dark | Court in the Act
Sadistik Exekution | Suspiral | 30 years of Agonizing the dead
Movie II-Suspiria(1977)
Tribulation | Suspiria | The Formulas of Death
Decrepit Soul | Black Witch | Uncreated and Eternal
Movie III-The VVitch(2015)
Cathedral | Hopkins(Witchfinder General) | Hopkins the Witchfinder General

Desecrator | Desert for Days | To The Gallows
Accept | What's Done is Done | The Rise of Chaos
Overkill | Goddamn Trouble | The Grinding Wheel

Blackhelm | Predatorial Ancestry | II- Grand Ruinous
Sepultura | Procreation of the Wicked | Roots Bloody Roots Single
Wood of Suicides | Blood and Soil | Tree of Woe

Rituals | Benumbed
Cainan Dawn | Mara | F.O.H.A.T