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The Breakfast Spread for Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Breakfast Spread : Program Audio for Wednesday 6 December 2017

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The Breakfast Spread : Playlist for Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Wednesday 6th December SOTA w/ Andy Butler

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distibutor | Comments

Boards of Canada | Slow this Board Down | The Campfire Headphase
Time for Dreams | Move it | In Time
Kardajala Kirridarra | Kirridarra | Bardakurru Ngurra

Aldous Harding | Living the Classics | Party
Garreth Liddiard | Highplains Mailman | Strange Tourist

Shannon Lay | Orange Tree | Living Water
Jen Cloher | Dark Art | Jen Cloher
Marlon Williams | Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore | Single

Ben Frost | All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated | The Centre Cannot Hold
Call Super | Ekko Ink | Arpo


Camp Cope | The Opener | Single
Posse | Trapped | Horse Blanket

Chronixx | Country Boy | Chronology
The Frightnrs | Nothin More to Say (Dub) | More to Say Versions
Nabihah Iqbal | Eternal Passion | Weighing of the Heart

Baker Boy | Cloud 9 | Single


Face Face | Crows | Face Face
Lazertitz | Cry At The Tote | Not Punk, Per Se
Amyl And The Sniffers | Westgate | Big Attraction/Giddy Up

Mugwisa International Xylophone Group | Mazongoto Woods (Alejandro Mosso Rework) | Santuri’s Embaire Umeme
Amadou and Mariam | Mokou Mokou | La Confusion


Circle | Terminal | Terminal
Miss Destiny | Randy 7" Single

Noname | Shadown Man ft. Saba, Smino & Phoelix | Telefone
Miss Blanks | Fantasy | Diary Of A Thortaholic


Yirrmal | Blackfella Whitefella | Deadly Hearts

*SOTA w/ Andy Butler re: Always there and all a part on 6th - 22nd December at Blindside Gallery*

The Living Eyes | Stuck in a Hole | Modern Living
X-Ray Spex | Artificial | Germ Free Adolescence



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