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Bruce Hearn - Live in the studio

5ft High & Rising for Saturday 30 September 2017

Woody songs of freedom

My special guest this week will be Bruce Hearn. Listeners may recall his time as a member of the ska/reggae outfit Strange Tenants, who are still together after 36 years. Bruce has also been politically active since his student days in the 1970's and is nowadays a senior lecturer in Industrial relations at Deakin University.

He also has a strong passion for the music of Woody Guthrie. This all started back in 1968 when his parents took him to see Pete Seeger pay tribute to Woody at a Melbourne show only a few months after Woody's death. This year October 3rd marks the 50th Anniversary of Woody's passing. To mark the event, Bruce Hearn and his band The Machinists have put out a tribute album called ‘Woody: Songs of Freedom’. The album also features Mick Thomas, Kerri Simpson and the 20 piece Victorian Trade Union Choir. Plus there are two shows as well to mark the event - at the Caravan Music Club on 1 October and the Spotted Mallard on 6 October.

Tune in from 8:00 to hear Bruce talk about all this and more!

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