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Music after Julia with Cat Hope on The Sound Barrier!

The Sound Barrier for Sunday 2 July 2017

Gender politics and parliamentary politics were thrown into the spotlight of Australia's consciousness in 2010 when Julia Gillard became Australia's 27th Prime Minister, but the first woman to hold the role.

Inspired by what then transpired in this extraordinary story of gender imbalance in Australia's systems of power and influence, Cat Hope, Artistic Director of Western Australia-based Decibel New Music Ensemble, devised a tribute to, and voice for, Australian women composers and sound artists, After Julia, in 2014, when it was first performed, much to the consternation of conservative Australian commentator Andrew Bolt, at Sydney's ABC Ultimo Centre.

The project has continued to evolve since then and now includes eight contemporary works that each reflect on the significance of Julia Gillard's term as Australia's first, and still only, female Prime Minister – reflections on its significance for the place of women in Australia's political, social, and musical dominions.

On 10th July, Decibel New Music Ensemble will perform After Julia at Monash Music Auditorium, with works by Cat Hope, Thembi Soddell, Gail Priest, Kate Moore, Cathy Milliken, Laura Jane Lowther, Michaela Davies, and Andrée Greenwell, and this weekend on The Sound Barrier Cat will be joining me in the studio to talk about the project and share music from the women it features.

Alongside my chat with Cat, I will also be presenting some previews of her new CD Ephemeral Rivers, just released on Hat Hut, featuring some of Cat's recent chamber works performed by some of Australia's leading new music artists.

I hope you can join me for all of this, this Sunday night at 10.00 PM (AEST) on Melbourne's 106.7 PBS FM, or on PBS digital radio. You can also listen from anywhere live online or via the PBS app, as well as listen back aftewards to the audio, which will be available along with the playlist here on the PBS website, shortly after the show has gone live to air.