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Foreign Brothers & PBS FM Present Momentum Chapter 4- FLIGHT TO AFRICA


Saturday 24 June 2017

Foreign Brothers, PBS FM and our partner Jaben Audio Australia are proud to announce the next Momentum session!

This month, we're taking you on a one-off trip to Africa, bringing together a unique line-up of established and emerging local bands whose sound is firmly rooted in the continent's rich musical tradition.

The Senegambian Jazz Band- channeling over eight thousand years of African musical traditions into one high energy performance.
Ajak Kwai- inspiring and soulful, infusing funky afro-beats which represent the depth and richness of her South Sudanese roots.
Alárìíyá- Get ready for an authentic Afrobeat dance party!
Newly established Melbourne African Traditional Ensemble - MATE is a Pan African music project that brings together a range of traditional instruments based on the principles of Ujamaa.

Hosting the evening will be Stani Goma (Flight 1067 to Africa PBS FM) and on the DJ side, Danny OSX and Declan James (The Mothership PBS FM) will hold it down for all the Saturday night party people. The CoreTet will once again take over the public bar for its annual infamous jam, and Rhys Newling will create the vibe with his other wordly projections.

So get ready to connect with some of our scene's most inspiring African music representatives - A special journey we don't want you to miss..

Funk & Soul Jazz World

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