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The Art of Bleep! for Monday, 31 December 2012

The Art of Bleep! : Program Audio for Monday 31 December 2012

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The Art of Bleep! : Playlist for Monday, 31 December 2012

BLEEPisode 216, NYE gathers Momentum with Nat Grant live in the studio.

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distibutor | Comments

We are Denizens of Pluto - Night Beyond Love (Earthen Cave-Mouth) - We are Denizens of Pluto - Dark Starless Night Productions

Nat Grant Live in the studio performing the Final piece for her year-long musical Project "The Momentum Project".
Sung Duo - Sung Duo Mash-up (working title) - Unreleased album

Pye Corner Audio - Palais Spectres - Sleep Games - Ghost Box
65daysofstatic - Radio Protector - One Time for All Time - Bird's Robe Records
Trjaeu - Third Eight - Heights Peak -
School of Seven Bells - Faded Heart - Put your Sad Down - Vagrant/Inertia

Kona Triangle - Airlock - Sing a New Sapling into Existance - Porter Records
Mid-Air! - Mirror Mirror - Mid-Air! -
James Murfet - Hunz4beat Oldstyle/Beck's Vintage -
Groenland Orchestra - Little P. - Psykoscifipoppia - Flenix
Faux Pas - Coach/Coach in Reverse - Changes Ep - Fuze Music Group

Rafael Anton Irisarri - Passage - The North Bend - Room 40
Gentleforce - Before Us -



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