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Clan Destine Mixtape on Zen Arcade

Zen Arcade for Saturday 3 November 2012

Clandestine Mixtape

Coming up on the show tomorrow is the first installment of a series of mixtape’s that are an introduction to boutique, independent labels that (imho) one should keep an eye on.
Kicking it all off is Clan Destine, a label that is based in Glasgow and run by Carl ClanDestine and his partner Ela Orleans. Carl put together the mixtape for the show and was able answer a few brief questions:

How did Clan Destine Records start?
I started the label to put out a project I was working on, but turned into something else…

How would you define the artists the label chooses to release?
We release records and tapes ov artists we believe in and enjoy. The central idea being if we like something, we think other people will enjoy it too and that the artists we like need to documented and heard. We don’t stick to any genres, just the good stuff. Though all the artists we release have one thing in common they all make music because they have too, its in their blood and that comes out in all the sounds we have on our roster.
We release vinyl and tapes because we like the sound and also the look ov them. As to defining the artists on the label they are all ov course fucking rad.

Can you give a brief description of the mixtape you have made for Zen Arcade?
The mixtape is some tracks from some ov our out of print releases to some new things we are working on and just coming out. We have been releasing stuff for 3 years now, and it seemed fitting to draw from all the releases we have out there.

Tune in 10pm (Melbourne, Australia), 12 noon-GMT, 2pm- CET, 8am- EST (American)

To check out more about the label:

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