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Far Side Virtual for Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Far Side Virtual : Program Audio for Tuesday 17 July 2012

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Far Side Virtual : Playlist for Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Call Me Professor Live to Air. Fallopian Tunes / Yolke in the studio

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Call Me Professor Live to Air

Fallopian Tunes guest programming:


Gravediggers | Nowhere To Run Nowhere To Hide | Six Feet Deep

Raymond Scottwalker | Watchin Ovr Yu | Watchin Ovr Yu
Exotic Snake | Now Let’s Sing it Again | NWA
Yolke | Perfect Burn | NWA

Trjau | First Excursions
Simon Gardam | Silverconstruct | NWA
Nimble Animal | Sloth

Jacob Silver | Indelible | Rhythm Method Mixtape
Infinite Decimals | 9.865581 | Berlin Mixtape
Bad Bones | Breaksface | NWA

Document Swell | Carpet Music | Your House is Killing You


‘Welcome to the Virtual Plaza Mix’ | DISTROID | Rouges Foam / Dummy Mag

Faux Pas | Becoming
Faux Pas | Everybody Knows
Faux Pas | Achewaters

Jon Rose | Iron Curtain
James Rushford | Holdmegentlytightly