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All Our Stories : Playlist for Monday 14 May 2012

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Emma Donovan | Gumbaynggirr Lady | Changes

Briscoe Sisters | Lore of the Land | Briscoe Sisters

Gambirra | Walala- Coming Home | The Unknown

The Deans | In he Fullness of Day | The Deans

Sol Nation | Every Reason

Whitehorse| I Am Humane | A Funky Intervention

Fiji | Indigenous Life

Saltwater Band ft. Natalie Pa'a'apa | Malt

Blue King Brown ft. Queen Ifrica | Woman's Revolution | Worldwize pt. 1

Troy n' Trevelyn | Australia has a Black History | Change

Halau Ku Mana Students/Kapua Chock Et Al | 7th Generation | Mana Maoli Select

Tabura | Yenures

Dub Colossus | Satta

Frank Yamma | Pitjantjara | Countryman

Danyel Waro & Tumi Boitumelo Molekand | Mandela | Aou Amwin

Madre Monte | Subidero | Raza:Madre

Papa Chango | A Challenger Appears | The Matador

Public Opinion Afro Orchestra | Mr Clean | PBS "By Day"



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