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BLEEPisode 171, Dark Passenger live in Studio 2

The Art of Bleep! : Playlist for Monday 19 December 2011

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Osh10 - Malmo - One Hundred to the Ground - Ind

Barnaby Oliver - The Long Lines - My Arms are Hollow Tubes - Ind
Scattered Order - Snow Flaked - Danza de Navidad - FREE DOWNLOAD
Monolith - Tombs - Monolith - Iceage Productions
Em Vecue Aquieu - Untitled - demo, unreleased.

Bonnie Mercer - Blau - The Shape of Sound volume 2: Melbourne Australia - Iceage Productions
- Dark Passenger: Live in Studio 2 -
(Dark Passenger and Em Vecue Aquieu perform along with Bonnie Mercer and Mystic Eyes at the Grace Darling Hotel on Wednesday December 21st at 9pm)

The Sigh Co. - Dance of the Drift - Songs in Silence - Ind
The Necks - Daylights - Mindset - ReR



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