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PBS Governance

A Co-operative Organisation

Progressive Broadcasting Service Co-operative Limited (PBS) was first established and registered as a co-operative limited company in 1979, and it remains so today.

According to Consumer Affairs Victoria ...

'A co-operative is an organisation concerned with providing for the needs of its members. The structure enables the individual member to benefit from economies of scale through the combined purchasing, distribution or marketing power or influence of the group. Members generally share investment and operational risks, benefits gained, or losses incurred. Cooperatives are traditionally based on values of:

  • self-help
  • self-responsibility
  • democracy
  • equality
  • equity; and
  • solidarity'

Active Members

As a co-operative limited bound by the Victorian Co-operatives Act, PBS requires shareholders known as ‘Active Members’.

Active Members of the PBS co-operative establish their active membership through shareholding, by purchasing a minimum of $50 of non-profit generating shares, on top of the annual subscription / membership fee. As a not-for-profit organisation, these shares carry no dividend payment.

Becoming an Active Member is one way to contribute to decision-making at PBS. Active Members are entitled to elect Members to the Board of Directors, stand for election to the Board, and vote on any matters put to the Annual General Meeting,

PBS reviews its membership of Active Members at least annually. PBS promotes and encourages Active Membership to those who demonstrate a regular commitment to the station’s mission such as volunteers, Announcers and involved subscribers / members.

The Board of Directors

PBS is governed by its Board of Directors. The role of the Board is to address and develop the strategic objectives for the General Manager and to set the policies under which the General Manager and the company must operate. The Board does not direct management on operational decisions.

All seven members of the Board of Directors must be Active Members as defined above and are elected by Active Members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Board members are appointed for a two-year term. The Chairperson is elected at the first Board meeting following the AGM. A number of Board appointments are notated with an * as having 'preferred experience'.

Each member holds one vote on matters before the group. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairperson will cast the deciding vote.

Current Directors

Mike Sewell: Chair
Qualifications: B.Com, MBA (Exec), FCPA, GAICD
Experience: Mike has over 20 years’ experience in financial services and has been on the PBS Board since 2007.

Adrian Meade: Secretary
Qualifications: Juris Doctor (master of law), Master of International Business, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Admitted to practice as an Australian Lawyer.
Experience: Adrian is a former PBS announcer, having hosted the late-night program ‘Contact’ from June 2012 to Oct 2014. His working life has centred on the pharmaceutical and logistics industries. He has an extensive knowledge of Quality Assurance and Quality Management Systems, and has served an auditor and independent consultant locally and overseas. Currently completing a doctorate, he has acted as lecturer and course administrator in Corporations Law at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Adrian joined the Board November 2015.

Justin Naylor: Treasurer
Qualifications: B.Bus (Acc) VUT, CPA Australia, MBA, Melbourne Business School.
Experience: Justin has extensive financial experience having worked in public, private and not for profit organisations over the last 27 years. He is currently Finance and Operations Manager at METIER3 Architects. Justin has been a Committee member of the Small and Medium Enterprises Committee at CPA Australia since 2011 and since January 2013 a Divisional Councillor of CPA Australia’s Victorian Division.He joined the PBS Board in November 2013.

Jessica Fairfax: Director
Qualifications: Bachelor of International Development (Hons).
Experience: Jessica is a Project Officer with Multicultural Arts Victoria. She is involved in Visible Music Mentoring – supporting musicians from emerging refugee and indigenous backgrounds. In addition, a program that aims to foster an appropriately unique Australian Music Industry and she coordinates the Emerge Festival, celebrating World Refugee Day. She is currently working on Common Grounds which concentrates on young Sikh and Muslim people through poetry and spoken word. She joined the PBS Board in November 2013.

Grace Kindellan: Director
Qualifications: Bachelor of Communications (Professional Communication) from RMIT University; PBS Announcer Course
Experience: Grace has volunteered at PBS since 2011 and has undertaken a range of roles including announcer, receptionist, music catalogue volunteer, Drive Live intern and is now a part-time announcer and enthusiastic listener. This year Grace completed her Bachelor of Communications at RMIT University, which has given her a solid understanding of how community radio fits into the media landscape and a strong grasp of strategic public relations skills. As well as working as a booker and promoter for venues and festivals, Grace has worked at The Push, Victoria’s peak body for young people and music, as the all-ages gig guide editor and website manager. This has enabled her to further develop her professional writing skills and better understand how different organizations work together to develop and promote Melbourne’s live music community. Grace is passionate about live music in Melbourne and has also interacted with PBS as a musician, with the band Wet Lips which she plays in and manages. Grace joined the Board November 2016.

Tess Lawley: Director
Qualifications: Bachelor of Communications (Professional Communication), RMIT University; Business Foundations Specialization (online course), Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Experience: As a PBS office volunteer and announcer, and an active volunteer in the community broadcasting sector, Tess has experience in: Media production including radio, TV, podcasts, video and text; understands office operations and membership/subscription models at community stations; volunteer engagement and relationship building; training development and delivery; media law and community broadcasting licensing and codes of practice. As the General Manager at SYN Media, she has experience in: financial management, budgeting and forecasting, reading and preparing financial statements; strategic planning and operational delivery; reporting to the board and members, including risk and compliance, finances and development in strategic objectives; income generation models and methods. As a former Board member of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) she has skills in: due diligence; NFP governance and associations law; reading and understanding financial statements; and responsibilities of a director. Tess joined the Board November 2016.

Jurgen Schaub: Director
Qualifications: Hands on
Experience: Over 18 years of technology experience and nine years volunteering at PBS. Jurgen is part of the PBS online development team. He joined the PBS Board November 2010.

Become a shareholder of PBS

If you want to get more involved with the station, then why not consider becoming a shareholder of Progressive Broadcasting Service Co-operative Limited (PBS is the owner and operator of the broadcast license 106.7FM and Digital Radio). Shareholding costs $50 and is kept ‘activate’ by having a current (financial) membership. Active Shareholding allows you to vote at the Annual General Meeting, which is held end of November. You may also choose to stand for the Board. Please contact to receive an application form or if you have any questions.

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