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Adrian Meade - Contact
Presented by Adrian Meade
heard fortnightly, next on air Monday, 1 September 2014 - 2:00am to 6:00am

We have contact. Attempt your landing here.

Contact is the medium between the PBS listener and music from the outer reaches. Contact makes the connections between kraut and art rock, noise and ambient music, both new and 'of a certain vintage'. Imported and local components plugged into the motherboard of experiment – Can, Neu!, Boredoms and Ghost wired to Ambarchi, Zond and High Tea. Parts often sourced from the Brain, Touch, Sub Rosa and Warp labels.

It is my great honour to present to you music that is sometimes challenging but always rewarding. The show regularly features unheralded artists, musicians and labels, and keeps you informed of events around Melbourne and abroad. Come and experience the pleasure of finding things out.

Set your transistors to Contact.


Coming Up

The Festivals (Part I) Mon 1 Sep 2014 On the next edition of Contact, The Festivals (Part I)… For Liquid Architecture, we speak with James Parker (host of...

Gig Guide

Updated Fri 29 August 10:40pm
Liquid Architecture Bendigo International Festival of...   read more

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