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Sharing and resonating the barriers with James Hullick

The latest edition of The Sound Barrier fell in the last couple of hours of this year's May Day in Australia, the international day of

War in sound - the nuanced barriers of battle

There is probably no country on the planet that has not, at some time or another in its history, been involved in war.

Synthisational ... Leslie Craythorn and the Synthi 100!

The Synthi 100 is one of those things in fabled history that loads of people know about and talk about, but that only a small handful have ever actually seen.

Gathering and releasing sound - a new album from Sarah Hennies!

The ways in which composers and musicians capture and reshape sound has been a regular thread weaving through much of The Sound Barrier's exploration of music's fabric.

Does this really go with that? The dialectics of sound with Marcus Fjellström and Rubiks Collective.

The great German philosopher G W F Hegel worked a lot from the basis that ideas progress when they are brought into contact with their opposites and something new emerges from the fusion of one with t

Resounding sounds ... the creativity of the recreated.

It was Mark Twain who once famously said that there is no such thing as a new idea. But probably others had said it, or something like it, before him.

Hearing sounds - Sam McAuliffe talks about environmental music

Sounds as audio instructions – this is how Melbourne improviser, composer and guitarist Sam McAuliffe describes his approach to working with en

Setting six sails sunwards

Play a tone for so long
until you hear its individual vibrations

Hold the tone
and listen to the tones of others

Skimming the surface of The Sound Barrier!

As The Sound Barrier slides into its new Sunday night timeslot, it seemed an good excuse to present a programme that provided something of an overview of what the show is all about.

Farewelling Thursday: with special guest Alexander Garsden and music by Ullmann, Boulez and Stockhausen.

Exploration is the staple ingredient of pretty well every episode of The Sound Barrier: a show that explores the interesting and ground-breaking things that musicians, composers, improvisers

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