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Ian Parsons's blog

The time barrier - the tranformative journey of sound

We have known, ever since Einstein told us, that space and time shape each other – and our perceptions of each are influenced by how and where we move in the other.

Reinventing the known - working in new ways with old things.

On the latest edition of The Sound Barrier I spent the show exploring, through two very different pieces of music, the ways in wh

Creative stars - Stockhausen's TIERKREIS and the gift that keeps on giving

Karlheinz Stockhausen was perpetually fascinated by the connections between the universe and music. Music, for him, was what held the universe together – its vibrations resonating everywhere.

Music to make you happy: Adam Simmons and the Usefulness of Art on The Sound Barrier!

I could have spoken with Adam Simmons for ages when I interviewed him on last night's editio

From forth the loins of 1950s Darmstadt

The music on the latest edition of The Sound Barrier honed in on the work of three composers who had some shared beginnings in t

Sounds different and diverse: the Homophonic Sound Barrier!

One of the really great things about diversity is that it is, well, so diverse.

Sounds organic

The organ is one of those curious instruments that seems to transcend time. It can sound like it comes from the beginning of time or from the end of the future.

Tilde 2017 - following the little squiggly line

Melbourne's Tilde New Music Festival is now in its fourth year and it is one of those events on Melbourne's musical calendar that has quic

The seeds of Stockhausen: hear them grow!

While we mourn the deaths of great musicians and composers, as indeed we should, I think it is important that we do not forget the incredible capacity of music to live on – not just because the music

Three wise wanderings ... Vanitas, Caminantes and Lucifer flies into the night sky

It has been a big and complicated year for many people. A lot of things seem to have happened that no one expected, and that no one really knows how to make sense of.

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