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It's not too late to save the cosmos from mediocrity!!

Last night's edition of The Sound Barrier may have been the final two hours of this year's PBS Radio Festival but, even so, it's

One small step to make the universe great again!

This week's edition of The Sound Barrier is all about space: looking at it, reaching for it, reflecting upon it.

The Sound Barrier fires up the turbines for 2017 Radio Festival!

As The Sound Barrier transitions into Tales from the Other Side at midnight, and 14 May transitions into 15 May, the 2017 PBS Radio Fe

From fugues to formulas - Bach and Stockhausen

When Bach died in 1750 he left his mammoth and marvellous The Art of the Fugue unfinished.

Or did he?

The resonance of voice - could it be the oldest most neglected musical instrument?

The human voice is as old as, well, human beings.

New music from near and far: pulsars to vivisection

Pulsars were first discovered in 1967. So regular was the sound of their radio signals coming from the depths of space that we at first thought they were aliens.

Australia's enfant terrible of new music: Anthony Pateras!

The Sound Barrier had been running for scarcely a year when I first interviewed Australian composer, improviser, pianist and electroacoustic musician

The big, big universe of Stockhausen - the third of four Sound Barrier pillars

As this week's edition of The Sound Barrier marks the show's fifth birthday, and the third part of a tetralogy celebrating the mu

The disarded noise of Merzbow - the second of four Sound Barrier pillars

Merzbow's music certainly challenges a lot of conventional notions of what music is.

The surreality of Zorn - the first of four Sound Barrier pillars!

The latest edition of The Sound Barrier was the first of four shows I will be presenting over the next month, to mark its fifth a

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