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The things that happen when you turn your back ... !

For the most part, and in some ways for the whole part, the latest edition of The Sound Barrier is all about catching up with wh

From commodities to cosmic riddles - it is good to be back!

Coming back to The Sound Barrier chair after five weeks away in Germany was always going to be a thrill.

A 21st-century goldrush: the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music

Everybody finds their own thing to find marvellous about the annual Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music (BIFEM).

Let's start at the very beginning: new music for young children

There are many things we know now about how important the early years are in a child's development.

Musique concrète: remembering its roots, celebrating its fruit. With Pierre Henry, Tarab, and Ingvar Loco Nordin.

As with most things that change the world, there will always be disputes about when and how they started, and by whom.

After Julia - Cat Hope discusses women, politics, and music on The Sound Barrier!

It took 27 Prime Ministers and 109 years for Australia to get its first female head of government.

Big orbits, small worlds, connecting on The Sound Barrier

Connection has been something of a theme throughout the last few episodes of The Sound Barrier. Connection between people, across cultures, across species, with the environment.

Jim Denley partners with time and place on The Sound Barrier!

On the week's edition of The Sound Barrier the focus of the entire show was on one Australia's most original and creative collabo

Music making friends across the sound barrier!

In a world that seems in so many ways to be coming increasingly fragmented, it can sometimes be easy to forget how easily forged connections and friendship can really be.

What is sound the sound of?

When you hear the sound of a bird you hear it as the sound of a bird. Or the sound of a car going past, you hear, well, the sound of a car.

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