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Three wise wanderings ... Vanitas, Caminantes and Lucifer flies into the night sky

It has been a big and complicated year for many people. A lot of things seem to have happened that no one expected, and that no one really knows how to make sense of.

Explorations with drums, chamber music, no-input mixing board and a really big face

My studio guest tonight was Maria Moles – Melbourne-based drummer and improviser who talked about her unique approach to percussion and drums, and the ways in which she blends its sounds with a tantal

New sentences in the universal language of music

On the latest edition of The Sound Barrier, I took you on a little bit of a space-time journey that began in Melbourne's here-and

Drones from now and then, from here and beyond

Drones are one of the more primal aspects of music.

Listening deeply

The legacy of Pauline Oliveros is far too great, far too broad, for me to do it justice in a few paragraphs of a blog.

Sounds new from near and far

The latest edition of The Sound Barrier was, in a sense, a microcosm of what the show is really all about: exploring the diversit

Opening to the cosmos with sounds synthesised and unheard

I know I have said it many times before, but it's one of those things that I never tire of saying: one of the really special privileges of preparing and presenting a show like The Sound Barrier

Travelling beyond the island, with a Book of Daughters

Like it or not, we are changing. Or maybe, more to the point, we are beginning to realise, at last, that we have always been different to what we have tended to think ourselves to be.

Scientific creativity and creative science: Nicholas Hender on The Sound Barrier!

On the latest edition of The Sound Barrier my studio guest was Melbourne-based composer

Out of the shards of a shattered world - the new art of Mary Bauermeister

Before I had even had a chance to hit the record button for my interview with her, Mary Bauermeister had already begun to tell fascinating stories about the history of the movement in which she has pl

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