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The role of nature in music - some thoughts on The Sound Barrier #10

On the latest edition of The Sound Barrier, we looked at some of the different ways in which the natural world has impacted on music – the different ways in which it has inspired, or provoked

Into the heart of sound - Francisco López's Trilogy of the Americas

I have only recently begun to explore the music of Francisco López, an extremely prolific sound artist and musique concrètist from Spain.

Nature in music - the good, the bad and the ugly.

He probably wasn’t the first to do it, but Gustav Mahler must surely have been one of the most eloquent and powerful composers to have shown us that there was more than just a gentle, beautiful, innoc

The ambiguous lure of Lulu - some thoughts on the expected and the unexpected in music

We can be such an unadventurous lot, we humans. Myself included. We stick with the things we know, the routines and rituals we’ve become accustomed to.

Music about music - offshoots and offspring.

As always, a few of my thoughts on the music I presented in the most recent edition of The Sound Barrier, where we examined music about music – the ways in which pieces of music have inspired

Music - its offshoots and offspring

Pieces of music are triggered by so many things. Ideas, places, emotions, people, events. And, of course, by other pieces of music.

Patterns out of time and space - Morton Feldman's Second String Quartet

Last week on The Sound Barrier, I presented one of the shorter of the late works of one of the major figures of twentieth century A

Episode #8 of The Sound Barrier - Sound, silence and noise

Here, as usual, are a few of my thoughts on the music that I presented in this week’s edition of The Sound Barrier.

Sound, silence and noise - the anatomy of music

There was a time, way back when, when things were simple. There were two types of sounds: sounds that were music, and sounds that were noise. And when you had neither, you had silence.

Episode #7 of The Sound Barrier - the Sound Barrier's Journey around the Earth

In this episode of The Sound Barrier we took our own journey around the world - traversing the globe in search of new, experimental and avant-garde music that has grown out of, or somehow typ

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