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Ian Parsons's blog

In the clutch of the Minotaur - Chamber Made Opera's daring addition to new opera.

Now is probably one of the most exciting times ever for opera.

The rising voice of revolution - women in music

One of the earliest ever composers whose music people still listen to today was a woman. Hildegard of Bingen was born just at the end of the 11th century.

To be seen as I am - the challenge of shocking music.

Sometimes we learn about music, and our connection to it, in some of the most unexpected ways.

The shocking sound of music

We can learn a lot about the way we listen to music, and about the way we connect with music, not just by looking at what we like but also by looking at what we don’t like.

The Sound Barrier's spectral special!

Here are some of my thoughts on the music I presented in this episode of The Sound Barrier, where the spotlight was on ‘the sound of sound’ – the special journey into the nooks and crannies o

Diving into the sound spectrum

There are lots of ways of breaking the sound barrier, and breaking into the sound spectrum will be the one that we will be exploring on the show’s next episode, coming up on Monday morning 24th Septem

The weird and wayward connections with music and the arts

The latest edition of The Sound Barrier involved an exploration – or a sampling, more to the point – of some of the different ways in which music has connected with the other arts.

Happy 100th Birthday, John Cage!

John Cage

Even with a full four hour program devoted to John Cage on The Sound Barrier less than a fortnight ago, and even with

A pri(z/c)eless little competition

Everyone has competitions these days and so, I guess, The Sound Barrier should be no exception, even if all it can offer by way of prize is the dubious honour of being declared the winner on

John Cage centenary celebrated on The Sound Barrier!

This week The Sound Barrier celebrated the centenary of the great American innovator and icon of twentieth century music, John Cage, with an entire show devoted to his music.

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