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The Sound Barrier deconstructs opera!

Note that the date for The Sound Barrier's opera deconstruction has been moved from 3 December to 17 December!

The Sound Barrier's foray into time

On this latest edition of The Sound Barrier, we plunged into time – into the ways in which time and music interact and interplay, into the ways

Music in time and time in music

The great 18th century German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, said that it is impossible for us to imagine a universe in which time doesn't exist. It's just beyond our comprehension.

The Sound Barrier deconstructs the orchestra

On this fortnight's episode we listened to what an orchestra can sound like when it’s coming to you from the other side of the sound barrier.

Look what they've done to my orchestra!

There are a few composers who, over the years, have written some pretty nifty guides to the orchestra.

The Sound Barrier's tribute to women composers

The latest episode of The Sound Barrier focussed on some of the contributions women composers have made to the development of new music over t

In the clutch of the Minotaur - Chamber Made Opera's daring addition to new opera.

Now is probably one of the most exciting times ever for opera.

The rising voice of revolution - women in music

One of the earliest ever composers whose music people still listen to today was a woman. Hildegard of Bingen was born just at the end of the 11th century.

To be seen as I am - the challenge of shocking music.

Sometimes we learn about music, and our connection to it, in some of the most unexpected ways.

The shocking sound of music

We can learn a lot about the way we listen to music, and about the way we connect with music, not just by looking at what we like but also by looking at what we don’t like.

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