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Ian Parsons's blog

Episode #3 of the Sound Barrier - space and music

Once again, just a few thoughts on the music that was presented on the most recent show of The Sound Barrier.

Episode #2 of The Sound Barrier!

Here are some thoughts on the music that I presented on the most recent show of The Sound Barrier, Monday morning 23 April 2012, 2AM – 6AM:

Episode #1 of The Sound Barrier

Here's a few notes and thoughts about the music that was presented on the inaugural show of The Sound Barrier , on Monday 9 April, 2012 2AM - 6AM.

New Noise 25 March 2012

Here’s a little bit about the music I presented on the special New Noise sampler of The Sound Barrier , broadcast on PBS Sunday morning, 25 March at 2 AM – 6 AM.

Sound Barrier sampler this weekend on New Noise!

I am thrilled to be presenting PBS's regular show for new announcers and new program ideas this weekend, 2AM to 6AM Sunday morning.

Welcome to The Sound Barrier blog!

Welcome to The Sound Barrier! Here, on the program's blog page, you will have an opportunity to read about the music that is played on the show.

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