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Ian Parsons's blog

The Sound Barrier making friends: with Karen Heath, Henrik Denerin, and James Hullick!

A testament to Melbourne's continued and unwavering enthusiasm and adventure in its relationship with new music will be seen at two exciting and creative concerts coming up in the next two weeks.

Giving voice to The Sound Barrier

We have a very special relationship with vocal music.

From out of the fiery furnace .... the sounds of the WDR Studio for Electronic Music

When Stockhausen wrote his still-iconic, still-seminal, work for electronic music in 1995-1956, GESANG DER JÜNGLINGE, and chose to set within it an Old Testament biblical text about youths being rescu

Th old, the ruined, and the scheußlich - restored and renewed on The Sound Barrier!

The value of what is old and damaged is not typically well assimilated into a highly commodified society where things have their moment in the sun and are then discarded.

Darrin Verhagen perceives The Sound Barrier!

It can sometimes be easy to forget just how far (or perhaps more to the point how widely) music has progressed.

The Siriusness of here and beyond

Tonight's blog tells you about some of the themes and musical structure of SIRIUS.

The many shades of infinity: Nick Tsiavos live on The Sound Barrier; and a tribute to Marcus Fjellström

Live music in the PBS studio on The Sound Barrier is always a treat but never more so than when it encompasses so much with so little, as it did on <

One thread. Four threads. A billion threads. The rich and diverse tapestry of music.

History, says Tolstoy in War and Peace, is not shaped by the heroes and villains of history books but rather by the millions of little people who each are just one thread in the vast tapestry

The things that happen when you turn your back ... !

For the most part, and in some ways for the whole part, the latest edition of The Sound Barrier is all about catching up with wh

From commodities to cosmic riddles - it is good to be back!

Coming back to The Sound Barrier chair after five weeks away in Germany was always going to be a thrill.

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