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Ian Parsons's blog

Does that have a tune?

When does a bunch of sounds stop being just a bunch of sounds and become a tune? It seems to be one of those things where we place the bar even higher than we do for music.

The shifts of current and the turns of the wheel.

Even in music that seeks to be at the vanguard of experimentation it can be surprisingly easy to fall into established, familiar, comfortable patterns.

Ossicle, earth, stars, and eight very frenzied octaves

The Music Master of Hermann Hesse's novel The Glass Bead Game remarked to the young Josef Knecht that there is no better way for people to become friends than to make music together.

Forwards to the past: what do Terry Riley's 'In C' and Stockhausen's STIMMUNG say to us today?

We should always be wary of being too reductionist when we look at things, and especially when we look at history.

The QUILTBAG on The Sound Barrier - Miranda Hill talks Homophonic!

One of my favourite parts of the year, each year, presenting The Sound Barrier is when Miranda Hill

Finding music in the sound of stuff

Music is always made up of some very fundamental things, but sometimes we don't take time to notice what they are and how they sound.

The didgeridoo sounds from beyond the barrier

The didgeridoo is one of the oldest musical instruments to be continuously in use and, despite its still strong associations with traditional indigenous Australian music, it has over recent years been

The course of the years, and the kaleidoscope of the apocalypse. New Year's Eve with Stockhausen and The Sound Barrier!

As always, the playlist and audio for this edition of The Sound Barrier is available for you to check out the details of the recordings and li

The Sound of Time Passing - Duccio Beverini plays Stockhausen's NATÜRLICHE DAUERN

The latest edition of The Sound Barrier fell on the last two hours of Christmas Eve, at least in the Australian Eastern Daylight

From Niddrie to Kürten: how Stockhausen came to define the sound barrier.

Even with The Sound Barrier in the stupendously capable hands it is in, with some of PBS's best fill-in announcers, during my absence throughout bits of November and December, I find it impos

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